Let’s Eat!

Let's Eat


Book Launch 8th December, 2018

Let’s Eat

Is the New Cookbook from Rotorua's own Jnr. Chef's, and it's COMING SOON!

Launch Date: 8th December, 2018

Let’s Eat is Deep Kumar’s brainchild. It has been written with the aim of fundraising enough money to provide free cooking classes for children across the whole of New Zealand.

It features a selection of Deep’s top recipes, along with delicious and inspiring dishes from the winners and runners-up of his 2018 children’s cooking competition which was held in his hometown of Rotorua, New Zealand.

Childhood obesity has risen 3.9% in the last ten years which is a worrying trend to observe.

Pre-ORDER your copy NOW, and help Deep combat childhood obesity by educating children about cooking and eating healthily (postage & handling included within NZ).

RELEASE DATE:  December 8th, 2018

About the Authors...


Skye DuPlessis

Team: The Kumara Gods

Skye is one half of the runners-up team The Kumara Gods. She is fourteen years old and has a natural skill for cooking which has impressed at all times.

“The competition was incredible. It was a new challenge having to cook to the best standard, whilst on a time limit, with lots of other people in the kitchen. It was a friendly environment, with the most amazing people, from which I learnt valuable life lessons and skills.

You could say that I hadn’t really cooked anything much more exciting than nachos or pizza before I entered the competition! I highly recommend Deep’s cooking competition to all New Zealand children; there are a lot of things you will learn which you didn’t know you were capable of.”

Leo Schweizer

Team: Burnt Toast

Leo is one half of the winning team Burnt Toast. He is fourteen years old and has outstanding ideas regarding cooking. His food never ceases to amaze. The dishes he produces are consistent of a top-quality fine-dining standard.

“After being in the cooking competition, it inspired me to carry on cooking and experimenting with different flavours and styles of dishes. I want to travel when I am older, and cannot wait to try the exotic flavours and dishes of different cuisines from all around the world.

I also want to pursue my passion for cooking and may, one day, consider a career in the food industry.”

Olivia Schweizer

Team: The Kumara Gods

Olivia is the other half of the runners-up team The Kumara Gods. She is fourteen years old and has demonstrated a flair for cooking seen in much older and more experienced cooks.

“I have mastered the basics and now want to learn more about cooking and be able to cook good dishes without a recipe. The competition was an amazing experience! I learnt so much during and after it.

The message I want to put out through this cookbook is that cooking is easy and everyone can do it. People will find really easy, simple and great recipes which they can quickly whip up and which are quite healthy.”

Tom Parry

Team: Burnt Toast

Tom is the other half of the winning team Burnt Toast. He is thirteen years old and has created some genuinely inspirational dishes in his time. He is always keen to try out new ideas and loves producing food which will surprise and excite.

“I loved cooking in the competition and will be keeping my skills up-to-date by continuing to cook at home for my family. I also love football and will be focussing on getting out and playing hard so that I can stay refreshed and energised to work up an appetite.”

Deep Kumar

Chef & Food Revolutionist

Deep, A.K.A. The Food Revolutionist is the organiser of a very successful children’s cooking competition and the co-owner of Italian restaurant Giovanni’s in Rotorua.

Deep moved to New Zealand from his hometown of Shimla in 2011 and brought with him a passion for simple whole-food cooking.

“My mother would grow her own vegetables and herbs and taught us how to process food from the earth to a pot, and then to our dinner plates. This was a regular thing for us; a way of life. My mother is now in her sixties and has never been into a restaurant in her life. She cooks unprocessed fresh food, and this is the legacy she has passed down to me. Her actions of teaching her own children the essence of healthy food and cooking are where hope lies; leading by example.

Having researched food and its effect on the human body I am determined to make a change for the children of Aotearoa.”

The Junior Chef's of...

Rotorua, New Zealand 2018

What is the Competition all about?

The Junior Chefs of Rotorua competition is Deep’s initiative to promote healthy eating habits in our emerging generation.
Season one of the competition had a live show in which the winning team bagged $2,000 and a trophy, while the runners-up got $500 as a prize.

The hit culinary competition gave talented kids between the ages of 9 and 15, the chance to showcase their culinary abilities and passion for food through a show of exciting events.

Eight duos of the best junior home cooks in the region competed in a professional kitchen where they faced challenges such as a mystery box challenge,
and making different cuisines and famous delicacies.


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